My favorite rice cooker



As you already know I love to cook, especially traditional Ethiopian dishes. Many of these are served with rice, which brings me to one of my favorite small kitchen appliances. My rice cooker is absolutely essential, but it took me a while to find the perfect one. After trying out several models and making a lot of returns, I finally figured out what a rice cooker needs to make it my favorite. Now white, brown and even basmati rice always turns out perfectly.



It’s programmable

I absolutely love the fact that my rice cooker is programmable ( here you can find why I opted for a programmable one). All I have to do is toss in my ingredients and set the timer. By the time I come home from work the rice is done, and all I have to do is serve it with the rest of the meal. Best of all the rice never turns out soggy or sticky. I really think it turns out better this way than when I cook it on the stove.


Dry rice isn’t a problem

The main reason I love my cooker, other than how easy it is to use, is that rice is always perfect. If the rice is a little try dry for my taste, this is simple to fix. All I have to do is use the convenient “steam” function. I really do love this feature. It releases a little steam into the cooker to help moisten and soften rice. This makes it almost impossible not to cook a perfect batch of rice.



Large size

Feeding all of my family and friends here in Portland is one of my favorite things to do. Thankfully my favorite rice cooker can make up to 20 cups at a time. Trust me, this is a lot of rice. I use it for chili, gumbo and other dishes. One of my friends likes rice with the poppyseed chicken they frequently bring to our parties. Whatever I serve it with I always have plenty thanks to my rice cooker.


Great for warming and carrying

My rice cooker is incredibly easy to carry, and this is incredibly convenient. Since the pot is insulated, it also keeps the rice warm. There is nothing worse than cold sticky rice, it can ruin any dish. Thanks to my rice cooker, this is never a problem.

As you’ve probably noticed I really do love my rice cooker, and I recommend that all my readers add one to their kitchens. There are several top rated models that are surprisingly affordably priced, and this is one small kitchen appliance you won’t regret purchasing.

I look forward to reading any of your comments and please feel free to share any recipes for rice that you might have.


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