Quick Ways of Preparing Breakfast for Your Family

It is quite rarely in this day and age to find enough time to bring everyone in the family together for a meal, and dinner is not always the best choice, because family members may have different plan. In my experience, I discovered that it is much easier for us, as a family, to get together at breakfast, since that is the only moment of the day when we are all at home, and hungry at the same time. Of course, this realization came with quite a challenge: what was I going to prepare for breakfast, without terribly long preparations?

The first idea that came to mind was to introduce good old fashioned healthy toast into our breakfasts. And the next step for me was to get a 4 slice toaster, since I needed to be quick about making toast, without waiting for 1 or 2 slices to get ready at a time. As I wake up in the morning, I go to the kitchen, I fire up my toaster and I start feeding it with slices of bread. By the time my family makes their appearance, I already have a plate filled with toast, so that no one will go to school or work hungry.

What I like about toast is that it is very healthy and has fewer calories than normal bread. The second thing I like best about it is that it basically goes with everything; you can make sandwiches, get some readymade bread spreads and spread them on your toast, or on the side, for any kind of breakfast dish that is usually served with bread. With so much versatility to enjoy, my breakfasts in the family have become quite manageable.

But let me tell you about some other ways to cook breakfast fast and easy for an entire family. An omelet always works like a charm, and since it is so packed with proteins and it is filling, it is enjoyed by everyone. Also, it is incredibly delicious and the type I make – with mushrooms and bacon – is really to everyone’s liking. My kids can be pretty fussy when it comes to food, and, in the morning, I need to make something fast, but also something they will certainly like, so I don’t have to engage in losing battles over convincing them to eat their food.

Now here is my secret weapon for the times when there is really no time to put together breakfast. I make some oatmeal the evening prior and I just reheat it in the microwave in the morning. I spread some raisins and apricots on top and everyone is certain to leave home with plenty of food in their bellies.

If you are asking me what the preferred option from all of the above is, I must say that toast with about anything is still the winner. That is why I am so proud of myself for getting a big toaster so I can make as much toast as I need for keeping my family well fed each and every morning.


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